What a night, what a party…they don’t get much better than this! I had watched Kerri since she first appeared on the morning show on KUSI, when she called and asked me to be the DJ for her and Jeff’s wedding I was thrilled. I knew she would be a magnificent bride and that it would be a great celebration. The first dance was an eight song custom mix that got the entire bridal party into the act. Entertainment At Large took care of  the mix and Kerri choreographed the dance, it was a hug hit!

Serenading the bride, you’ve gotta love it…
The celebration took place at the Rancho Bernardo Inn with Tami Austin as the coordinator. Brant Bender was the photographer, Kathy Wright and Co. did a wonderful job with the florals and Concepts Party Rentals provided the lounge furniture and custom white dance floor. Entertainment at Large was hired to handle the lighting design as well. The Santiago Ballroom looked awesome.
We had a packed dance floor the entire night and the crowd loved everything from old school hip hop to LMFAO. Kerri and Jeff were in the middle of it most of the night. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the fun and I’ll see you on the news!