Nancy celebrated her 60th at the RB Inn! She and her friends loved to dance and the Rolling Stones were the hit of the night.
January 19, 2008 – Nancy Pisciotta – The Rancho Bernardo Inn

My first event at the new Hardrock Hotel was an awards banquet for the parent company that owns the property. If you haven’t seen the hotel yet it’s worth a trip, what a great property with some amazing event space. I am excited to be a preferred vendor!
January 21, 2008 – Tarzania Corporation – The Hard Rock Hotel

I was at Miramar for an event with Nestle, they always get a tour of the flight line and they presented the squadron a 9.85 Lbs. Nestle Crunch Bar. Now that’s some chocolate!
January 22, 2008 – Nestle – MCAS – Miramar