Tom and Jessica choose the Contemporary Art Museum for their reception and with the help of Floral Works and a little uplighting provided by myself the room looked awesome. It has a very contemporary feel and fit the bride and groom perfectly. The reception was a blast, the groom is from New Zealand and a bunch of his Kiwi buddies flew in for the celebration…they definitely like to dance and party. The brides side was great as well, Jessica is Jewish so we started the dancing with a Hora and for the final song of the night the newlyweds chose the Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”. The floor was packed with everyone singing at the top of their lungs…too much fun!

August 25, 2007 – Tom & Jessica Harrison – Contemporary Art Museum, La Jolla
Mike – hello!

We’re catching our breath a bit from the wedding, and can’t thank you enough for everything. Everyone had so much fun, as shown by the trouble you had getting us off the dance floor at the end. The Hora was just perfect, and you were great in starting it up, and letting everyone know which way to go. We had many comment that the wedding weekend was the most fun they’d had in ten years!

We enjoyed every minute, and we’re so happy we picked you as our DJ!