DJ Mike Hogan Lighting.jpg
We love what we do day in and day out. FUN filled weddings and events with nothing but rocking the night away! We would not be able to do this without the pure thrill of being able to collaborate in the fulfillment of someones’ dreams come true!! Being a part of the mood and ambiance of the event is very important to us at EAL.

DJ Mike Hogan Lighting II.jpg
We have added more fine choices to our fabulous line of selections for the perfect event color. We want to share with our clients the large addition of new LED lighting enhancements in white, amber, red, green and blue.  This will now make it available to transform any event space with lighting in any color that can be imagined. We are very excited about that!!
DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE, because life is too precious to spend it doing anything else. If you don’t enjoy something, then don’t do it. Spend your time and energy on things that bring you fulfillment and happiness.”