Deborah is one of my favorite meeting planners and I am always honored when someone in the events business asks me to be a part of their wedding. Deborah has always been fun and she found a match in Dave, we had a great celebration!
1st Dance – Lovesong – Adele
F/D Dance – My Wish  – Rascal Flats 
M/S Dance – Unforgettable – Nat & Natalie Cole
Hits –  Crazy Train – Ozzy Osborne, Single Ladies – Beyonce, Jump Around – House of Pain, Low – Flo Rida, California Gurls – Katy Perry
Favorite Moment – I loved the guys serenading Deborah to “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” and the brides maids going nuts to Ozzy Osborne
Favorite Element – They had a great wedding cake.