I made my 1st trip out to the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe for Ben & Carolyn’s wedding celebration, it’s a bit of a drive but what a neat venue. Again it was a joining of two great families and cultures, Ben is Jewish so a Hora was in order and Carolyn is a fine Irish lass so we had to throw in a jig as well, both packed the floor. They chose the song “For Emily Whenever I May Find Her” as their first dance, absolutely one of my all time favorite songs! Ron Hughes and Tara Luz Stevens were the photographers, they are two of the best and a blast to work with.

July 21 – Ben & Carolyn Zara – The Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

Hi Mike,

I just got back from my honeymoon and I just wanted to thank you for doing such an awesome job at my wedding. I know we didn’t get to talk much so I just wanted to send this email to let you know how much my guests and I all appreciated you. Thanks so much for setting up the ceremony and of course for keeping the party going so smoothy. Thanks again, Carolyn